Idropulsore Aquolab - Idropulsore dentale
Idropulsore Aquolab BasicAquolab IdropulsoreAquolab Idropulsore BasicAquolab Idropulsore Basic ConfezioneIdropulsore Aquolab - Idropulsore dentaleIdropulsori ad acqua addizionata con ozono

Aquolab Basic
Home use

Water jet with ozone-enriched water
Basic Version

Product description
Benefits and treatments
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Product Description


Electro-medical device ideal for the daily oral hygiene of the whole family, adults and children.

The different combination levels of water and ozone with two types of nozzles provided, allow, also at home, to obtain the perfect combination for each member of the family based on their age, oral health and possible diseases.

Easy-to- access buttons and LEDs allow intuitive management of:

  • water pressure and flow adjustment
  • modulation of ozone quantity for mixing into water
  • maintenance operations required to eliminate limescale
  • device check up lights

2 water pressure levels
2 ozone dispensing levels
Tank capacity 300ML
Dispensing time >90 seconds
Dimensions: (cm 15 X 15 X 14 – with handle mounted cm 19 X 15 X 14)
Weight: 0.99 kg
Certified electro-medical device (Directive 93/24 EEC).
Warranty: 2 years
Made in Italy

Benefits and treatments


Daily use of Aquolab is a real dental treatment that helps:

  • prevent tooth decay
  • prevent the onset of mouth ulcers and herpes
  • prevent and treat gum diseases and inflammatio
  • prevent and treat periodontitis (pyorrhoea) and conditions related to bad oral hygiene
  • keep the teeth white
  • fight halitosis effectively without aggressive, and potentially harmful, mouthwash

Particularly suitable for proper oral hygiene in case of:

  • teeth braces
  • dental implants
  • fixed or removable prosthesis and removable partial dentures

Scientific tests show the effectiveness of Aquolab also in individuals suffering from diabetes

Ozone provides the following benefits:

  • it is ideal as a preventive treatment of gingivitis and other common dental diseases
  • it is a very powerful disinfectant and has a high sporicidal effect
  • It inhibits bacterial growth which can cause infections and halitosis
  • it is non-invasive, does not leave any residues and is absolutely eco-friendly
  • it decomposes viruses and micro-organisms


Ozone Level 1Children over 10 yearsChildren over 10 years with teeth braces
Ozone Level 2Adults with low dentine sensitivityAdults
Ozone Level 1Children under 10 yearsChildren under 10 years with teeth braces
Ozone Level 2Adults with mild periodontium problems or need to remove tartarAdults with dentine sensitivity or dental implant

Package content


In the pack of Aquolab Basic you will find everything you need for its immediate use:

  • 3 nozzles 0.6
  • 1 nozzle 0.8 (white)
  • nozzle case
  • 3 water softener vials
  • mains lead with adapter
  • user's manual